• Doswell

    INNOVATION: The 663MW Doswell plant in Virginia was one of the very first FERC approved independent power projects

  • Delta-Person

    LOCATION: By injecting its 140MW into the heart of the Albuquerque load pocket, the Person Project allows Public Service Company of New Mexico to alleviate voltage support problems and serve about 300MW in additional load

  • Forney

    DESIGN: The multi-unit with maximum duct firing design of the Forney plant allows it to efficiently follow the wind-affected North Texas load and maximize revenue

  • Cobisa-Greenville

    ALL OF THE ABOVE: The proposed 1,750MW Greenville project builds on our experience with close to the load location, a market right size and flexible design


About Us

The Cobisa Development Team has 25 years experience developing Gas Fired Electric Generating Facilities, from Co-Generation Projects to large Combined Cycle Plants. We locate projects close to growing electrical load centers resulting in strong financial performance.

Current Project

Cobisa-Greenville, is a 2,000 Megawatt Natural Gas Electric Generating Facility located near Greenville, Texas, 35 miles Northeast of Dallas. Designed to supply the growing electrical demand of the DFW market, it is fully permitted and ready to be built.

Operating Projects

Projects Developed by Cobisa that are currently operating are:
Doswell 663 MW
Person 140 MW
Forney 1,789 MW

Contact Us

Cobisa-Greenville Energy Company
820 Gessner Rd Ste 810
Houston, Texas 77024
t: 713-932-8070
Coby Knox, President: coby@cobisa.com
Greg Platt, VP: greg@cobisa.com