Fact Sheet


  • Project site, 104 acres, is West of US 69, just North of Greenville City Limits near the existing GEUS Generating Facility.
  • Owned by Cobisa-Greenville Limited Partnership
  • Preliminary design by Black & Veatch and Fluor
  • An Industrial District Agreement has been fully negotiated with the City of Greenville
  • Jobs
    • During construction: approximately 1,000, approximate annual payroll $30 Million
    • Permanent employment: approximately 30 employees, approximate annual payroll $1.8 Million
  • This project is fully developed.  Start of commercial operations in about three years

Description / Appearance

  • Natural gas fired combined cycle with duct firing peaking capacity. Six gas turbines with heat recovery steam generators and two steam turbines.
  • 2,000 MW total with up to 300 MW duct fire peaking capacity
  • Clean burning natural gas (delivered by pipeline). Backup Fuel: low sulfur fuel oil.
  • Cooling towers
  • Switch yard
  • Office and maintenance buildings
  • Fuel oil and water storage tanks
  • Construction will take approximately three years


  • The Project site has been surveyed for historical, cultural and archeological sites. None were found.
  • The Project site has been surveyed for threatened and endangered species and wetlands. None were found.
  • The facility will meet all state and federal air emission requirements.
  • The Project uses the best available control technology (BACT) for emissions.
  • Air permit received
  • Waste water discharge permit received

Other Particulars

  • Uses 1/3 of the water normally consumed by an equivalent conventional power plant
  • Air emissions are 1/20 of older plants
  • Cooling water to be supplied by the City of Greenville
  • Not a co-generation project
  • No steam or heat sales to industry