Fact Sheet


  • Six gas turbines with heat recovery and two steam turbines
  • Turbines enclosed in buildings for sound proofing
  • Cooling towers
  • Switch yard
  • Office and maintenance buildings
  • Site is between TU substation and Forney old city dump


  • TNRCC issued permit which requires best available control technology (BACT)


  • Turbines will be enclosed in buildings for noise reduction
  • The facility will meet the city of Forney’s stringent noise requirements
  • The facility has used noise abatement professionals to accomplish these goals


  • Clean burning natural gas only
  • Delivered by underground pipeline
  • No fuel oil
  • No other alternative fuel

Other Particulars

  • Output directly into T.U. Forney substation, no new transmission corridor or towers
  • Start Construction: Second quarter of 2000, Commercial Operation: Second quarter of 2003
  • Cooling water will be gray water supplied by the City of Garland through City of Forney pipeline
  • Not a co-generation project
  • No steam or heat sales to industry
  • No industrial park
  • No by products will be produced at the facility
  • Jobs
    • During construction – 950 jobs
    • Permanent employment – approximately 29
    • Permanent payroll $2,000,000/year

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