Greg Platt

Greg Platt is Vice President of Cobisa Corporation. He joined the firm in April 1994 with over ten years’ direct experience in all phases of the development, permitting, engineering, financing, fuel acquisition and marketing management of independent power plants.  He has performed these functions on several projects under construction or in development by Cobisa.

From 1986 to 1994, Mr. Platt was employed by Enserch Development Corporation (“EDC”), the project development division of ENSERCH Corporation during that time. ENSERCH was a $3 billion Dallas, Texas based company with over 75 years of experience in natural resource acquisition and development, natural gas pipeline operations and energy project development (ENSERCH is now a subsidiary of TXU, Inc.). He held a number of positions at EDC including Director of Proposals and Business Analysis, Project Development Manager and Venture Development Analyst. While at EDC, he was instrumental in the development (including proposal preparation, economic analyses, contract negotiation, permitting, thermal host acquisition, EPC oversight, fuel acquisition and financing) of the following projects:

• Encogen One: EDC developed a 255 MW combined cycle cogeneration facility in Sweetwater, Texas which sells capacity and energy to TXU, Inc. and supplies approximately 170 MMBtu/HR of thermal energy to U.S. Gypsum’s Sweetwater wallboard plant. The plant achieved commercial operation in June of 1989. This project required a total of $395 million of project financing. In addition to providing for the EPC, financing and development costs for this project, this capitalization was used to purchase approximately 150 bcf of in-situ natural gas reserves which will be used over the project’s life.

• Encogen Northwest: EDC developed a 160 MW combined-cycle cogeneration project in Bellingham, Washington. The electrical output of the plant is being sold under a long-term power sale agreement with Puget Sound Power & Light. Thermal energy in the form of steam and hot water is being sold to a Georgia Pacific pulp mill. The plant met its scheduled commercial operation date of July, 1993. The total capitalization for this project including EPC and other development costs was approximately $160 million. EDC financed this project with no equity investment.

Mr. Platt was also responsible for all aspects of over 1,000 MW of power projects which were in various stages of development at EDC.

Prior to joining EDC, Mr. Platt was employed as a Process Engineer at Fluor Engineers, Inc. During his six year tenure at Fluor, he was responsible for the engineering design of natural gas fired power plants, waste to energy plants, natural gas process plants and refinery units. He conducted the financial and market analyses which supported Flour’s initial foray into power plant and waste to energy plant development.

Prior to joining Fluor, Mr. Platt was employed by ChemShare, Inc., a developer and marketer of process simulation software. At ChemShare, he was responsible for process design of refinery unit revamp projects, software development and customer support.

Mr. Platt is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Rice University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Houston.  He is currently the president of the Lone Star Region of the Porsche Club of America.